Ring with djinn king Al-Mudhib Abba Deebaj

Ring with djinn

In this ring after many attempts, we managed to evoke one very special creature - the djinn king Al-Mudhib Abba Deebaj or as it is known - the golden king (malik al-mazhab) or as some people know him as the sunday master.

Usually he is been drawed on a pictures with a head rounded with long ears, and flaming eyes, surrounded by fire, pink body and wearing orange pants.

He is one of the jinn present during King Solomon’s time. He has 360 different tribal families under his control. He possesses the secret of transmutation into gold and all the other workings under the sphere of the Sun because Al-Mudhib is offspring of the sun goddess Shams.

Because of his sun origin, this powerful djinn is oriented in the field of making money. Here are some of his countless virtues:

1. Your income will grow rapidly, no matter if you own business or you are employee;
2. He will double and triple your salary;
3. If you are jobless - you will find your dream job;
4. If you have to sell property - he will help you to get the best price from the best client;
5. He will help you to be promoted in office and help you with your career;
6.He will protect your finances from risks and bankruptcy.
7. He will bring joy and luck in your life;

It`s price is 220 US dollars including worldwide shipping!

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