Ring with ifrit jinn

Ring with ifrit spirit

The Ifrit is a infernal djinn spirit of a murdered victim seeking revenge on the murderer.Because of this, - this ring is a great weapon in the hands of his bearer, if he got a lot of enemies. With that ring with evoked ifrit, he not only will be protected from his enemies, but also will punish all of them in ways that he coudn`t imagine.

The ifrit that we evoke in that ring is the famous Arghan Div.

No matter how strong and poweerful is your enemy - he will be punished by this creature. With this great ring - a tremendous fear will grow in enemy heart, he will fear from you and will stay away from you. This won`t help him, because the ifrit will make him suffer in terrible pains!

It`s price is 220 US dollars including worldwide shipping!

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