Quran halal talisman-taweez and spiritual items

New unique spiritual items for your life success!LIMITED!

The talisman-taweez works on everyone, no matter of religion or ethnicity!

Spiritual taweez ring for women

Spiritual taweez ring for women

We made this kind of ring especially for women and their main issues.

Here is the main virtues of the taweez inside the ring:

1. To loose weight, especially on the belly.
2. For treatment of rashes, boils, psoriasis
3. For protection from bad eye, jealous enemies and jinns
4. For treating thyroid problems
5. Against weakness of the body
6. For hair growth and beautiful hair
7. Taweez for purifying your face
8. Taweez against skin cracks
9. Taweez for protection of fetus
10. Against women sterility
11. For finding soulmate and marriage – if you are single
12. For respect

The ring size is self adjustable.

It`s price is 110 US dollars including worldwide shipping!

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Deer skin taweez- multipurpose

Pouch of will with taweez

This special pouch on which different taweez and prayers are written is perfectr for smooth business profits, stores to attract buyers and to safeguard property assets such as money, jewelry as well as guarding you from from hypnosis, pickpockets,thieves, spirits and magic-jin.

It is usefull also to apply for work, for marriage, for promotion. Another taweezat and prayers can be put into the bag to succeed in the desired. You can keeping jewelry, money and anything with value for you in the pouch in order to survive danger.

It can be put in suitcases and bags or hung over the doors / kiosks / stores / warehouses / garages / in cars.

We got it in three colours - black,green and red. The size of the pouch is 22 cm /15 cm.

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Magic ring for protection with taweez

Ring with taweez for protection

This ring is made with tiger eye gemstone.This is the stone of energy,luck and protection,it makes you brave and with clear mind. Brings positive thinking and self-esteem.

Under the stone we have putted silver stripe with several of sacred magic squares used in taweez for protection.

Protection from black magic and jinns, again evil eye, against calamities and distasters, for protection of person body - agains killing, bullets, knifes, again illness, against robbers and so on.
There is no matter who is the barer of the ring - male or female. It works for the two genders.

As much as you wear this ring, its powers will grow.
This here is a solution for everyone who wants to make something with his life! The size of the ring can be adjusted by yourself.

It`s price is 60 US dollars including worldwide shipping!

Scarf with surah yusuf

Scarf with surah yusuf

This scarf-taweez is made with the ayats of the noble sura Yusuf ,which is known with its efficancy and faidah in a lot of fields of life. Here are some of them:

Anyone who uses this scarf, will be loved, liked, obeyed, accepted, and responded by his subordinates and by his people if he is their boss and by his superiors if he is subordinate.

Also by his employer if he as an employee and by his customers if he as a merchant or entrepreneur.

He also will be authoritative, noble, looking attractive in their eyes so that he will be able to gain much of their sympathy and attention.

The size is 33 cm/22 cm. we got it in two colours - black anf red.

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jinn egg

Egg of a djinn

Here we are going to show you something, which was beyond our imagination and we feel blessed from Allah that we could find it.This egg was found by our expedition in Dalaman region, Turkey. After carefull analysis, we found out that it belongs to the race of silah djinn. The egg is stoned by the time and is completely safe.The arab historian Al Masudi ( known as Herodotus of the arabs) explains the nature and history of this creatures... Click to continue

  • Spiritual taweez ring for women

    Spiritual taweez ring for women

  • magic ring for protection with taweez

    Ring for protection with taweez

  • Pouch of will with taweez

    Pouch of will

  • jinn egg

    Egg of a djinn

  • scarf with surah yusuf

    Scarf with surah yusuf