Necklace for luck and life realization

Necklace for luck and life realization

To make this necklace we used ametyst stone - the Haldeyan mages used that stone for protection against black magic (kala jadoo) and to bring success and luck. It helps for the people to understand secret knowledge and information and also to win in court trials. In certain period of the month we engraved manually on the stone both sides sacred squares of the Allah names - Uahab and Hai!

The holy name of Uahab will help you to get everyday sustainance without any effort.You will live your life in peace and harmony, without any money problems, debts or credits.

The holy name of Hai will induce positive in your internal and material life. You will be loved by the people, be respected and famous by all around you. If you are married - your marriage will be good and happy , you will live in harmony with your partner and the people around you.

There is no matter who is the barer of the necklace - male or female.

It`s price is 40 US dollars including worldwide shipping!