Multipurpose taweez for every problem and success in life

taweez for every problem and success in life

This talisman-taweez is made on a fabirc with dimensions - 20/30 cm

We used various taweezat and duas to make it

Here are its main uses:

1. to be victorious and protected when meeting enemy
2. protection from every disaster
3. protection from humans and jinn magic
4. protection from gossips and bad words
5. to be respected and glorified by community / people
6. when facing boss / magnifying received good conversation
7. to win the love of your heart
8. to have peaceful household
9. to find a perfect mate if you are single
10. to expand abundance/rizq/wealth/money/trade
11. when placed in your home, office, on wall, or door, the place will be safe from theft, fire, etc.

We have it in red, black and green

It`s price is 50 US dollars including worldwide shipping!