Pouch of will with taweez

Pouch of will with taweez

This special pouch on which different taweez and prayers are written is perfectr for smooth business profits, stores to attract buyers and to safeguard property assets such as money, jewelry as well as guarding you from from hypnosis, pickpockets,thieves, spirits and magic-jin.

It is usefull also to apply for work, for marriage, for promotion. Another taweezat and prayers can be put into the bag to succeed in the desired. You can keeping jewelry, money and anything with value for you in the pouch in order to survive danger.

It can be put in suitcases and bags or hung over the doors / kiosks / stores / warehouses / garages / in cars.

We got it in three colours - black,green and red. The size of the pouch is 22 cm /15 cm.

The price of this unique item is 30 usd.

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